We strive to serve our valued and respected clientele through a system of satisfaction by design.  We rely on experience, expertise and impeccable integrity to complete projects on time, on budget, with consistently pleasing results.  Our standard procedures help clients feel comfortable and enjoy their design-build process.  

Project Initiation Phase (1 -30 days)

STEP 1 - Consultation with Christie Leu or Senior Designer
STEP 2 - Signing of agreement, receipt of retainer and commencement of project

Research, Design, Presentation Phase (6-10 weeks minimum)

STEP 3 - Trade Day | On-site measurements, photos and final criterion meeting
STEP 4 - Execution of floor plans and elevations, sourcing fabrics and furnishings
STEP 5 - Presentation of estimates and furnishings/materials; collection of deposits

Project Management Phase (a few months):

STEP 6 - Placement of orders
STEP 7 - Review of budget
STEP 8 - Initiation of construction and renovation
STEP 9 - Installation period continues and receipt of orders

Project Completion Phase (a few weeks):

STEP 10 - Furniture installation and styling
STEP 11 - Client reveal
STEP 12 - Identify deficiencies
STEP 13 - Resolve deficiencies
STEP 14 - Client closure meeting and presentation of final invoices
STEP 15 - Project Completion


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Computer Design

Disandro rendering for Process 15 step page